Is Condo Purchase The Right Investment Choice?

Different from houses whose land prices tend to continue to rise, while the value of buildings shrinks from time to time, the ‘rising’ value that you can expect through condos is only through the building. Therefore, the location of the condo, the quality of condo construction, and the types of facilities available are important keys to see whether investment in the condo can be good. Make sure that you will go to make the Avenue South Residences unit purchase by considering this.

Well, a condo can be a good investment even when you go for Avenue South Residences, with a note that the selection is correct and the character of this type of investment is in accordance with the conditions of the investment you are looking for. The biggest value of the condo is the building and facilities provided. Many investors do not realize the importance of the rental market around the location of their condos. The rental market is a source of long-term income. The stable balance of condo investment is determined by the existence of the rental market.

Another thing that often makes attractive condo investment is rental income from the Avenue South Residences that you rent to other people who have the interest and desire to be a condo tenant. If you do not intend to occupy the condo, you can rent it, either in an empty or unfurnished condition or furnished. Rent is usually received on an annual basis (sometimes at the same time 2 years or 3 years) and is received in advance. Good condos can provide rental income in the range of 7% -9% per year. Are you nterested in property investment? The key to successful condo investment is not only determined by good location and high capital gains. There is one factor that is often forgotten and escapes the attention of condo investors.

Location is the thing that makes a premium area by providing convenience and saving time. Apart from that, the South Avenue Residence can also provide quite attractive passive income. You get a condo that produce the biggest investment return.

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