Safe Tips For Choosing Face Paint

Face paint is a popular form of support for soccer fans who watch the World Cup. Paints of various colors and sizes often adorn matches, whether watching live at the stadium or at events at the venue. In fact, painting the face can cause an allergic reaction that causes dermatitis. Although it only occurs in 5-10 out of 100 people, there’s nothing wrong with being alert before polishing your face into colors. You can visit our website if you are looking for a face painting san diego.

Here are some tips for choosing face paint safely:

– Doesn’t Smell

One of the biggest causes of skin allergies is fragrance ingredients in perfume. For this reason, we recommend that before buying face paint, you should pay attention to the brand label containing no fragrance ingredients. But just observing labels is not enough, because not everything is packed with adequate labels. Not to mention, the existing technology makes anyone can falsify the label. For that, you need tips to recognize toys that are safe, free of toxins. You can smell the odor produced from the paint. If the smell is strong, then you don’t buy the face paint.

– There is a Hypoallergenic Label

One characteristic of face paint that is safe to use is choosing a brand that does not contain substances that cause allergens. Usually, good face paint products always put a label that says hypoallergenic. The label is usually orange with a V sign in the middle.

– Paint color is not glossy

If the paint you are going to use for face paint is glossy or glossy, you should suspect the brand. Problems, glossy colored paint is usually mixed with thinner so it looks brighter.

– Easy to Wash

The most important feature of paint that is safe to use for the face is easy to wash. If it is made from water and does not contain hazardous chemicals, face paint products should disappear if rinsed with water. Besides being rinsed with water, you can use wet tissue or facial cleansers that are neutral or non-alcoholic.