You Should Avoid These Mistakes When You Wear Your Watches

It doesn’t matter if you are already wearing a watch plus other accessories, like a bracelet on the same hand. The important thing to pay attention to is the quantity. If it’s too much, it’s not good for you adherents of simple style ideologies. Using 1 to 2 bracelets with a watch together is more than enough. Aside from that, if you’re looking for high-quality watches for men, we recommend you to take a look at the mens fossil watch.

Besides that, remember this watch is not a bracelet. Make sure it fits on the wrist. Not tight and not too loose. How do you know fit, loose or too tight? If your wrist arises from a wrist that is too deep after a day’s use, that means it’s too tight.

If at the time of use, your watch shifts irregularly, until the position of the watch head is in the outermost part of the right or left side of the wrist, which means it is too loose. If not both, and the head position is always right above the wrist, that’s the way to wear the right watch.

Wearing a loose watch, usually due to the strap being too long, or not enough holes on the strap. Bring to the watch service center to adjust to your arm.