Women Love Men Who Are Rational And Capable Of Leading Them

Women always act with their delicate and gentle feelings, so as a man, you must balance it with your rational mind. Rational here also includes your attitude when approaching them, a rational man will never feel too hurt and afraid of rejection and failure. Women will like men who are not easy to be moody when rejected. Rational men think that rejection and failure experienced so far is a natural thing and surely everyone has felt. Women are more attracted to men who dare to be rejected and fail than passive men who never dare to try anything to approach them. Therefore, you may want to consider learning how to text a girl soon.

In addition, the most basic thing about your ability to lead women is never to say “it’s up to you” when women ask your opinion. You must be able to give an opinion and direct it, help choose and make decisions. Women will really like men who can direct it, not just obey everything women want. Men who can lead are also more in control of relationships.

Leading does not mean regulating yes. You have to differentiate between where to lead and manage. This is the way to be an assertive leader. Leading you gives him consideration in choosing and helping him make choices while controlling are you forcing your will to do what you want.

Some of the abilities of male leaders that you must train on yourself from now on are:

Able to Make Plans / Objectives.
Being able to make decisions.
Able to Manage / Handle Problems.

If you can practice the 4 traits of the woman’s dream man, I’m sure your life will never be lonely from the name of a woman, you will have many female friends and socialize with women whenever and wherever.

And when your life is never devoid of women, have many female friends, you will never again feel afraid of losing women because you have many reserves of women in your life.

Just remember this always, whenever it is either an introduction, when you approach her, or when in a relationship with a woman, don’t ever get your hopes up on women and put your happiness in women.