These Are Some Of The Popular Types Of Company Promotional Items

Companies often give souvenirs as gifts at events, such as exhibitions to product launches. Non-profit organizations can also use promotional products as a way to promote awareness and fundraising. Promoting brands through souvenirs requires a fee. However, this way can be a profitable investment in the future. Additionally, if you own several restaurants or bars, you may want to buy stone coasters as the souvenirs of your businesses.

There are several types of popular souvenirs that are often used by companies, such as:

Pen or writing tool

Consumers love to get free promotional pens let alone have an attractive style. Stationery is a necessity for almost everyone. Therefore, the pen as a promotional product is very suitable.

This method can be done to business partners or to seminar participants in large quantities. For business partners choose high-quality and elegant pens. If it will be distributed in large events, choose quality standards.

Put a company logo or message on the pen. Make sure the quality of the pen ink is good and the ink is not jammed when used.

Promotional Mugs, drinking bottles, and also coasters

Mugs are used every day, both at home and at work.

The shape of the mug is very diverse. You can choose mugs with standard shapes or artistic shapes. Artistic forms can be used by companies when they want to give a more personal impression to consumers. Furthermore, people who have favorite mugs usually have suitable coasters for their mugs.

There are several common ways to choose a logo or tagline design on a mug. If the company only wants consumers to remember the brand, fill the side with the logo. When a company wants to promote a company’s message or image, write a tagline or message on the mug. In addition, sometimes including the date of the event so that consumers always remember important moments of the company.


A pin is a small promotional product. Very flexible because it can be installed on t-shirts, jackets, pants, bags, or maybe hung into decoration.

Can be used to promote a tagline or company message. This promotional product has no special function, such as bags, mugs. This method is more suitable for young consumers.

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