Tips On Starting A Career For A Fresh Graduate

Congratulations! You have just completed your education and are ready to enter the career world. Maybe now you are getting ready to write a CV or have already sent to get a new job or Jobs Near Me . What else can you do to maximize your opportunities? Check out the tips below.

1. Pay Attention to Your CV

Little things like word writing and grammar are crucial because they also reflect your level of accuracy. Do not hesitate to ask for help from others to recheck your CV.

2. Continue to Develop Yourself After Exiting the Level of Education

Knowledge from your course, internship, or part-time work experience will show that you are still learning and developing even though school is over, especially if you have a period of absence from school to job search.

3. Expand Your Connection

You have certainly heard the wise saying “Not what you know, but who you know.” Surround yourself with quality people, both from the career and personal world. Attend events related to the career world or industry that you desire. You may also consider attending a reunion. Opportunities can come from anywhere.

4. Adjust Your Mindset

In a job search, on the one hand, do not be too fixated on just one dream job. You can consider other job openings that allow you to learn and develop. Enlarge the search circle and don’t limit it on the job vacancy website. Take advantage of the connections that you have built. On the other hand, do not be quick to despair if you often receive rejection and do not stop motivating yourself.

5. The portion of the interview

You get the opportunity to be interviewed by the company you are applying for. What should you pay attention to?

– Choice of decent clothes. If you are not sure of the ethics of dress in the workplace, choose clothes that are polite and formal. This also applies to long-distance interviews, such as via Skype.

– Show enthusiasm in moderation coupled with calm answers and character. Don’t forget to smile.

– Always ready. Learn all the information you can get about the company you are after their vision, goals and status. Create a narrative that shows that you and your abilities can contribute to their development. Prepare yourself also by studying the work culture of the company and salary expectations under your qualifications.

Still not lucky? Don’t worry. The most brilliant figures in the professional world at one point have also been in your position. Don’t forget to continue to develop and motivate yourself.

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