You Can Do These 3 Tips To Clean The Car Audio Head Unit

The car audio head unit is an entertainment and information center for your vehicle. It’s not just as an audio and video player, but on this device can also be used on several things that help you when driving. However, you must know that cleaning the car audio head unit is as important as caring for the other interior parts of the car. Aside from that, you may bring your car to the auto detailing orlando near Orlando, FL if you need to clean its interior quickly.

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Here are the 3 tips to clean the car audio head unit:

1. Clean the Screen

Car audio head units are usually equipped with screens, both single din, and double din types. As time goes on and your vehicle is used every day, then the screen section of the head unit can also get dirty. The dirt sticks from the dust that enters your car’s interior, or through your fingers when operating the car’s head unit.

To clean it, just spray the screen cleaner. This kind of liquid is sold in computer accessories or television stores. How to use it, spray liquid on a clean dry cloth, then wash the wipe onto the surface of the screen. Later dirt will stick to the lap.

2. Clean the Optics

Just like other disc players, the head unit on your vehicle is also equipped with optics. To clean the car head unit on the optical part, use a CD cleaner that is also sold in the market. Clean regularly, at least once or every two months.

3. Clean the Reverse Camera

If your head unit is integrated with the reverse camera feature, you should also clean this device. The backward camera is usually placed in a rear bumper, a small black box with a center with a lens.

Because of its position on the outside of the car, the camera back is easily dirty. Therefore, make sure the lens on the camera is not dewy or dirty from the mold. It’s because if you have been exposed to mold, you have to clean it by bringing it to the service area. Cleaning this car audio head unit and the reverse camera is the same as cleaning the head unit’s screen.

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